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  • Wait, so what does Manteca even mean?
    Manteca is the Spanish word for butter. We believe that making financial decisions should be easier than spreading butter on bread.
  • What's the difference between Manteca and my bank app?
    While your bank's app will let you follow & manage the financial assets (such as checking account, savings, debit or credit card, and more) managed by that bank, Manteca lets you aggregate and control all of your finances (from bank account to crypto) and provide you with unique AI based tools – a specialized "What If", Financial Projections, Insights and more.
  • How does Manteca aggregate my finances?
    Manteca uses specialized API's (integrated by third parties such as Plaid, and some uniquely developed by Manteca) to safely connect your financial assets to your Manteca Account.
  • How Secure is Manteca?
    Manteca's platform is secured by several layers of security & encryption, deployed and developed by our own unique developers and by specialized third party providers (such as AWS and more), to give you a bank-level security
  • Can Manteca initiate changes to my finances?
    NO, Manteca's API's are solely for reading financial information, we can't initiate or give financial orders on your behalf - we cannot move your money
  • Does Manteca saves my passwords?
    NO, Manteca's tokenized system gives us secure access to any connected financial asset, without the need to save any username or password, which means Your login details are never stored
  • What can I track on Manteca?
    Manteca has access to over 12,000 financial institutions (banks, credit & debit card providers, investments platforms, crypto, payment apps, digital wallets and more) – so you can have a 360 overview and control of your finances
  • Does Manteca share my information with any third parties?
    NO, We will NOT sell or share your personal information or financial information to any third parties
  • Does Manteca show ads?
    NO, Manteca is subscription based, with a 30 day trial period, which means NO ADS
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