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Enabling people to make smart financial decisions with AI & data

Let's be honest... you're not the first one to take a loan, buy a phone, take trip or plan to school - So why is it so hard to understand if we can afford it?

Meet Manteca, the first financial engine that transforms the experience of the community into financial insights & actionable roadmap designed for your users specific needs combined with the right tools to implement them​.

Meet the engine powering the future of embedded finance​
Manteca’s market leading AI core for non-financial services​

Apply GenAi at every customer interaction, to boost personalization, offering and enable a full financial cycle to every user​

48% of Gen Z

ability to work is affected by financial stress

Americans pay an average of

$577 a year on hidden fees

40% of young Americans

postpone investing in their financial future due to student loans

77% of Americans

are anxious about their financial situation

58% of Americans

feel that finances control their lives

68% of Americans

fear they won't have sufficient funds to retire

Wouldn't it be swell to have a tool that do all the heavy lifting for your users?


So, hi again, we’re Manteca

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Manteca is powered by               ,          , unique API's & specialized algorithms


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