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Simplified Financial Decision Making for every user on your platform

Manteca empower platforms with embedded 360 financial advisor

Save time and money for you users with a single API call

Introduce a new revenue stream with no financial downside – Manteca provides the analytics, compliance and every tool for your users to take the best decisions at the right time

Meet the engine powering the future of embedded finance​

Apply GenAi at every customer interaction, to boost personalization, offering and enable a full financial cycle to every user​

Making financial decisions is hard, costly & stressing

48% of Gen Z

ability to work is affected by financial stress

77% of Americans

are anxious about their financial situation

58% of Americans

feel that finances control their lives

68% of Americans

fear they won't have sufficient funds to retire

With one single API call or embedded Widget


Manteca takes care of​


Financial Integration

Enable unique ‘Open Finance’ aggregation


Financial Control

A full 360 financial overview and layout


White-labeled UX & API’s

Best in class tools that seamlessly integrate into your platform and continuously improve


Security, Compliance & Licensing 


Slick Experience

Most platform onboard swiftly with instant decisioning

Compliance, regulation & data security – Manteca got you covered, so you can focus on your core product

To help your users

Save Money

Save Time

Boost financial resilience

Avoid Regret


Generating a new revenue stream

Amplifying competitive advantage

Increasing user retention

Ready to talk?

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