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Enabling people to make smart financial decisions with AI & data

Let's be honest ... you're not the first one to take a loan, buy a phone, take trip or plan to school - So why is it so hard to understand if we can afford it?

Meet Manteca, the first financial platform that transforms the experience of the community into financial insights & actionable roadmap designed for you and your specific needs

What's your next meaningful financial decision?

Is it to buy a new laptop?

Further your education?

Buy a new car?

Or just going on an amazing trip for spring break?

Found it? Great!

You’ll probably consult with your friends? 

Research online?

Compare prices?

Check your savings, break a piggy bank and do the calculation?

But still, it can be an overwhelming process.
For anyone.

And hard is it may be, you might still think you can't afford it, or do something you'll regret in just a couple of months...

48% of Gen Z

ability to work is affected by financial stress

Americans pay an average of

$577 a year on hidden fees

40% of young Americans

postpone investing in their financial future due to student loans

77% of Americans

are anxious about their financial situation

58% of Americans

feel that finances control their lives

68% of Americans

fear they won't have sufficient funds to retire

Wouldn't be swell to have a tool that would do all the heavy lifting for you
- in the palm of your hand?

One that calculates known & unknown parameters - your available funds, expected & unexpected expenses, additional costs, unforeseen charges & more
Every known & unknown factors so you can make that decision with ease


So, hi again, we’re Manteca

Available on:

Manteca is powered by               ,          , unique API's & specialized algorithms


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